[Mosaic destruction] SON-105 Anytime, Anywhere Verochu

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Duration: 2:13:54 Views: 324 Submitted: 2 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Men of the world! Imagine this. Imagine if there was a society where you could have tongue-fucking anytime, with anyone, anywhere..." When you go to a place with a cute subordinate, you find a bald president and a beautiful secretary exchanging saliva, not business cards, but deep kisses! And, when a business meeting is concluded, they have a 4-way kissing session! A fat male teacher who consults with a beautiful female teacher who is troubled by a problem child is tongue-fucked right in front of his students! The problem child also has deep kiss sex with the female teacher as a matter of course! A lot of cum shoots on the tongue! A boss comes to her house and his wife kisses and entertains him in front of her husband! The husband also says "How do you like it? How's your wife's tongue?"